Boulders make an attention grabbing statement when used for applications of providing signage or information. Whether it be welcoming you into a neighborhood development or telling you the par and yardage at every hole of your favorite golf course, monument stones provide a regal and classy tone. If you want an element that conveys timelessness… Continue reading MONUMENT STONES


Outcroppings are large, rugged boulders that are flatter, and more compatible for stacking. For that reason, outcroppings are a fantastic option for stone steps, pathways, water features, as well as retaining wall applications. It’s a great marriage between the pleasing natural look of stone and the functionality of the cleaner lines and surfaces that make… Continue reading OUTCROPPINGS


Boulders are a fantastic and versatile option for Shoreline applications. Maintaining a healthy shoreline can be stressful as considerations have to be made for erosion and water runoff to ensure healthy water systems. Boulders are a great option because they are a natural product and can withstand harsh conditions like ice heaving, heavy rain, and… Continue reading SHORELINE RESTORATION


Boulders are a popular option for retaining walls for a few main reasons. One important reason is the longevity of the product. You can rest assured that a boulder wall will remain in place for generations to come. They are incredibly strong building materials that are resistant to degradation over time. The other main reason… Continue reading RETAINING WALLS